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Raw Fibers
Due to some items being limited in availability, please email us prior to placing an order.  
Raw Alpaca Fleece (in the grease)
We've seen this go for as much as $30.00 a pound raw, but we have the opportunity to bring this prime fleece to you at an
incredibly reasonable price.  Alpaca can be spun by itself, but it also blends extremely well with wool, lending a exceptionally
soft hand to your yarns.  

We have Alpaca fleeces in white,  fawn, and very black, as pictured above.  Not pictured is brown, which is also available.

$21.95 per pound of Alpaca.  Orders larger than 30#, email for discounted price quote
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The rowan tree has a long history in folklore as a tree protective against enchantment...read more by clicking here
the rowan was also denoted as a tree of the goddess or fairy tree by virtue