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Louet Spinning
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Louet S10 Wheel

The original Louët with minor modifications to keep it on the
leading edge of spinning technology. The S10's careful design
has proven to be an ideal wheel for beginners and experts alike.
Sturdy construction makes it a suitable wheel for production
spinners. The single hole in the wheel leads to a balanced
flywheel, which ensures that the wheel always stops in the place
that you stop. Constructed with solid lacquered wood. Accessories
available for the S10 include: skeinwinder, distaff, a four bobbin
lazy kate, high speed bobbin, fatcore bobbin, flyers, and various

S10 Single Treadle

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Louet S10 DT Wheel

The original classic with a true double treadle system similar to
the S51DT system. Clear lacquered.

S10 Double Treadle

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Louet S17 Wheel

Introducing the everyday wheel. This single treadle wheel is
designed with the budget conscious spinner in mind! Smooth ball
bearing operation like all our wheels, easy treadling, and a well
balanced wheel that won’t disappoint! Comes as a kit with
assembly instructions. A great wheel at a really great price!

S17 Wheel

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Louet Victoria

The Victoria is not like your everyday spinning wheel. It’s
light, portable and incredibly easy to use. The Victoria
has been designed with precision and care, from advice
received by today’s hand spinner. Ask your nearest store
for more information or a demonstration.

Victoria - Beech

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Louet Victoria Carrying Bag

A handy handy carry bag made for the Louet Victoria.
Can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag or backpack
as well!

Victoria Carrying Bag

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Louet Julia Wheel

Victoria version of the S51DT. Bobbins, flyer and the
Scotch tension are the same as on the Victoria.

There are four ratios, which are: 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:12.5, 1:19.
An optional high speed set, which is also the same set as
the Victoria uses, provides an extra 1:27 ratio and make
it easier to treadle the 1:19 on the Julia.

A removable insert provides two orifice sizes (12mm and
8mm). All rotating parts run on ball bearings for smooth
operation, while the unit itself is constructed out of beech
and birch plywood, smoothly lacquered.

The Julia comes standard with a stand-alone 3 bobbin
Lazy Kate with an adjustable brake.

Wheels are made of laminated hardwood with a "birch"
exterior finish.

Louet Julia Wheel

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