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Spinning Wheels
Due to some items being limited in availability, please email us prior to placing an order.  

Majacraft Little Gem

The Little Gem is a state of the art travelling folding wheel. It is
especially usefull for those who need to transport their spinning
wheel but has the capability and smoothness to cater for all types
of spinning. It is fully packaged with three bobbins in its own
thermal bag. We also include a travelling kate in the bag for total

The Gem easily handles tasks of spinning and plying wool,
mohair, silk etc. The Little Gem, although small and incredibly light
(around 4kgs or 10lbs), is a full height with attractive design.
Majacraft Little Gem

Majacraft Rose

A classic wheel for the every spinner
The complete wheel - a premium wheel with extra attachments to cater for almost every spinners

Supplied with a bobbin box which can be used as a lazy kate

Supplied with a normal and fast whorl, two flyers with delta and fine fiber orifice and a jumbo as
well as normal flyer hook

Ratios extend from 4.25 to 19.5 using the whorls supplied

Complete with four bobbins

The handle folds to allow easy handling

Suits both left and right handed spinners

The Rose uses the dependable scotch tension for smooth and easy spinning.
Majacraft Rose

Majacraft Suzie

Double heel and toe treadling
Frictionless ball bearings
Single hook flyer
Folds up for transport
Maintainance-free drive band
Super smooth patented bobbins
No threading hook required
Right or left handed
Five main ratios available on each whorl
Accessories available are high speed whorl and low speed whorls to extend the spinning range
from 3.25:1 to 20:1 as well as baby bobbins, lace bobbins and huge plying bobbins
Majacraft Suzie

Majacraft Suzie Pro

A professional model with a green wheel and whorl. This wheel is heavier and slightly larger than
our rimu wheel. It gives smoother spinning with greater inertia and is a favourite of many
Majacraft Suzie Pro

Majacraft Aura

The Aura is here! A new way of looking at double drives and a new way of looking at spinning.
This wheel is a collaboration between Majacraft and the very accomplished spinner Pluckyfluff.

Designed from the ground up, the Aura has new style and presence while still retaining the
classic Majacraft look. It has two independent drive bands, one for the flyer and a second for the
bobbin. The flyer drive has three different ratios and the bobbin drive has two ratios plus infinite
adjustment. Being so unique, the Aura requires new thinking about spinning and expressing your
creativity. The potential is huge and when you are ready to explore everything that can be achieved
in spinning then come and spend time with an Aura.

The flyer is all new and builds on the advances Majacraft has made in the past. It shares the
aerodynamic shape of our other flyers for efficient and easy spinning. Most importantly it has a
new dual function orifice. Fine yarns can be held still in the delta part of the orifice. This also has
the function of holding coil yarns very still so you can observe your work. You can bypass the delta
and use the large halo ring for spinning huge. With the new double drive, the Aura can spin
anything that can be pulled through this orifice!

The new folding handle design has the grip in a new location and special bumpers on the handle
to keep the spinning head away from the pedals when you fold it down.

As with all other Majacraft wheels we have worked to make it as compatible as possible with all
accessories. The Aura will fit all existing Majacraft flyers. It fits all wood bobbins produced after
April 2010. There are three jumbo wooden bobbins included with the Aura.     
                                               Aura Overdrive
The Overdrive Head accessory brings high volume spinning in a new way and turns       
your existing Majacraft spinning wheel into a production style wheel.
Majacraft Aura
Aura Overdrive

Majacraft Pioneer

The Pioneer has been designed by Majacraft to be a highly affordable spinning wheel - yet we
have been careful not to compromise the functionality that Majacraft wheels are renowned for. As
with all Majacraft wheels our accessories will fit on the Pioneer. You can add our specialist
spinning equipment if you wish to pursue different styles of spinning. The wide range of ratios, a
versatile Delta Flyer and easy to use Scotch Tension System will make spinning a dream! The
head can be adjusted in a similar way to the Little Gem so you can customise the orifice position
to fit your style and body.

The effortless double treadle spinning allows you to spin for long periods of time with no
discomfort. The pedal position has been ergonomically designed to fit you comfortably as the
spinner! The beautiful cream wash finish is unique to the Pioneer and will obviously be treasured
by it’s owner. If you want to start spinning with Majacraft then the Pioneer is the wheel for you!
Majacraft Pioneer
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