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Fiber Accessories & Gift Ideas
In addition to our wheels and fiber offerings, we are pleased to offer you accessories that will complement your spinning.
From threading hooks and spinning wheel oil to needles and wheel polish, we hope you find something you "just
needed", and something for another time, too.

We are Denise Knitting Needles dealers and are pleased to offer their needles at a great price. The needles feature:
    *10 pair of circular and straight needles from size 5 to 15 (US) in variable lengths becase of their flexible navy
    cords and stitch holders.
    *compact 7 x 8.5" case
    *Airline Safe: Denise needles are shorter than a pen and made of resin, and unlike standard needles, Denise
    needles pass through airport security checks.
    *All parts are made in the USA and guaranteed for life with normal use.
Due to some items
being limited in
availability, please
email us prior to
placing an order.  
ChiaoGoo Bamboo Needles are made from Chinese Moso bamboo, one of the largest and
strongest bamboo species in the world.  The needles are warm and smooth to the touch and
provide a smooth yarn feed.  The needles are permanently laser-marked with their needle size in
US and Metric, to avoid wear off.  

ChiaoGoo needles come in US sizes 0 to 19 and metric (mm) sizes 2.00 to 15.00.  They come in
circles, dpns and traditional snub-ended pairs.  Please contact for sizing availability and pricing.

We also now carry stainless steel ChaioGoo needles in the smaller sizes.

Claphams Beeswax Polish
Our own blend of the perfect spinning oil -- not too
light--available in lavender, sandalwood, as well as unscented

$7.50 for the bottle
Scented Spinning Wheel
Lubricant $7.50
Denise Knitting Needles are ideal for large or small knitting
projects and they are airline safe, while standard knitting
needles are not allowed through airport security.

$5.00 is donated to breast cancer research with the purchase
of every pink Denise set!

Denise Knitting Needles
Blue - $49.95
Denise Knitting Needles
Pink - $54.95
RowanTree Woolery - Selah, WA
(509) 388-5619
The rowan tree has a long history in folklore as a tree protective against enchantment...read more by clicking here
the rowan was also denoted as a tree of the goddess or fairy tree by virtue
ChiaoGoo 16 inch.
circular needles
ChiaoGoo 24 inch. circular
size 6 & 8 - $5.50
size 5, 6, 7& 8 - $5.50
size 10.5 - $5.75
size 9,10 &10.5 - $5.75
size 15 - $8.00
size 11,13 &15 - $8.00
Brother Drum Carders

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