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Wool, Silk & Exotic Top and Rovings
Due to some items being limited in availability, please email us prior to placing an order.  
As dark as a big brown bear!  
This naturally colored romney
has its fiber selected from only
the darkest natural shades
available.  The staple length is
3.5 - 5 inches and the fiber
count is in the 48s, or 32
microns.  Scoured fiber tends to
be a bit dry but will soften
beautifully when you rinse your

This fiber is sold in 8 ounce
increments of $8.00 each.  Buy
plenty for your project.
Beautiful and Soft: Ramboulet

white, very lt. moorit, medium moorit, medium silver gray, dark hershey
chocolate brown, $18.50 per pound  
***temporarily out of all ramboulet except brown and white  -- email for
Bartlett Pencil Roving:

100% wool
cream, light grey, medium grey, and dark grey
$17.50 per pound
SouthWest Trading Company Top:  Soysilk & Karaoke
SoySilk Top in Natural and White  

Soy Silk is an extruded fiber from the waste of
tofu manufacturing.
This environmentally friendly fiber has all the
wonderful properties of silk: its feel, sheen,
strength, and drape. Not only does this elegant
fiber stand by itself, but it is also easily
combined with other fibers.

Natural Soy Silk is $15.00 for 8 oz

White SoySilk is
$16.50 for 8 oz
Karaoke Top in White

Karaoke is a 50% SoySilk and 50%fine wool blend.

So much like spinning silk or Tencel, you will find the same pleasure spinning this new fiber. With a staple length
between three and four inches, a fine fiber diameter and surface that allows the fibers to slide past each other, drafting
this material to the thickness you want is easy.

As a wool spinner, trying anything silky was intimidating, but this fiber, as it is mixed with wool, was an easy transition for
me, and then it made moving to Bamboo and SoySilk all the easier.  Plus the colors spun up beautifully!!!

Split the roving to a pencil thickness and spin from this. Keep your hands at least four inches apart due to the fiber
length. Draft the fibers to the thickness you want before allowing any twist into the fibers which will lock them together.
Soysilk Top
Karaoke Top
Wool Top
Exotic Fiber
Pictures coming soon! For now,
please e-mail for price and
    Exquisitely soft!
       Suri - $38 per pound
Huacaya - $28 per pound
Suri and
Alpaca Roving
Merino 64s Wool Top

This is primo stuff -- and is
white so you can dye it
yourself to use in spinning
or felting projects.
Staple length 2.5-4 inches
(60mm ave)
sold in balls

$25.00 per pound
Falklands 56s Wool Top

An awesome fiber to work with --
extremely soft, but not fly away.

Sold in balls

$17.50 per pound
Alpaca Roving

Now Available
Including Blend

Available colors:
white, dark moorit, copper penny

Sold in balls

$25.00 a pound
Dehaired Natural Camel 70s
Did we say CAMEL?  Yes!
Very soft handle and of course,
the BROWN you want and
expect from a camel.

You can buy the camel from us
in 4 ounce increments. Staple
length 1.25-1.5 in (40-45 mm).   

$7.00 for 4 ounces

RowanTree Woolery - Selah, WA
(509) 388-5619
The rowan tree has a long history in folklore as a tree protective against enchantment...read more by clicking here
the rowan was also denoted as a tree of the goddess or fairy tree by virtue
Black Diamond Fiber

Black Diamond is bamboo carbon fiber. Its natural color is  a stunning gunmetal
gray. The above photo was taken in color!

Black Diamond  is $32.00 for 16 oz

$16.00 for 8 oz


$3.00 per ounce
Bamboo Fiber

Soft, silky, lustrous bamboo fiber!

Bamboo  is $56.00 for 16 oz

$28.00 for 8 oz.


$4.00 per ounce
Black Diamond
SouthWest Trading Company Top:  Bamboo & Black Diamond
Louet Dyed
Louet Northern Lights - 8 oz.
A spaced dyed 100% wool top, printed
in multi colors with a repeating pattern.
Available in a beautiful array of 26
different shades combinations.
Spinning this fiber gives a wonderfully
colored yarn.
$28.00/8 oz.
Louet Northern Lights

Louet Dyed 80/20 Merino/Silk - 8 oz.
Available in 10 shades, our popular
80/20 merino/silk blend is a lovely
blend of Tussah Silk and 22 micron
Merino. The fibers are lightly blended
giving the silk clear visibility.
$28.00/8 oz.
Louet Dyed Merino Silk
Louet Dyed Corriedale - 8 oz.
This is a great fiber for easy spinning,
needle felt and felting projects.
$20.00/8 oz.
Louet Dyed Corriedale
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Potluck Roving
This roving is a blend of fine domestic virgin wool
grown in the USA. We hand dye the fiber wonderful
colors then blend the dyed fiber and card to fat
roving. $24.00 per 8lbs