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Hey Linda !!!
I got your pencil roving today and the beautiful gorgeous roving. my gosh it is sooo soft !!
Thanks a lot. I love it. Tell me something-where do you get camel roving from ?????
All that beautiful yarn is going to the bear, but first I am going to  play with it. One of these day , I'll show you my rug I
am making with the pencil roving. I dyed some of it yesterday and it came out great, its dark green with  a little brown
in. I don’t know how I mixed it, should really write it up. I am playing around with KoolAid. it’s the cleanest way right
now with grandsons around and hubby. One of these days I would love to try other dyes.     Again....thanks         hugs   

One of the most thoughtful sellers I've ever come across--many thanks!!!

Wonderful generous seller. Recommend this friendly lady highly!

Screamin' fast shipping, yummy scented oil. Lovely fiber sample, too! Thanks!

Beautiful wool rovings. Excellent service.

love do business with Rowantree Woolery

This is the most Gorgeous fiber- almost a shame to spin it!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Incredibly beautiful stuff!! Great transaction!! Friendly and reliable.

Wonderfull wheel, thanks so much

Ooops... forgot to mention... what type of roving it was and where I purchased the roving from. LOL I got the roving
from RowanTree Woolery. The roving is Rambouillet and it's really soft, easy to spin and they have awesome prices.
I really like the dark chocolate that is shown on my drop spindle. I just placed another order for 1lb (white) and 2oz
(dark chocolate) with them because I really liked the feel of it. So I will be getting a few fluffy packages this week.

Today I received some more roving in the mail. Yay!! I recevied my pound of natural (white) rambouilett & 2ozs of dark
chocolate rambouilett (which I am ready to finish up my skein)plus some other natural rambouilett roving samples
from RowanTree Woolery and 8ozs of merino from eBay. Yes I know that all of my roving are in the natural colors. I
guess you could say that I am a naturalist when it comes to purchasing my roving. I like to make my own colorways
and don't get me wrong purchasing already dyed roving would most definately make things easier but I like to add
my own artistic energies to my yarn. So I will continure to buy my roving in the natural colors... browns, naturals
(white) and greys.  I am in fiber heaven
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