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Spinning Wheels
Due to some items being limited in availability, please email us prior to placing an order.  
I am not sure the age of this small old Saxony Style Spinning
Wheel, but it appears to be quite old. Possibly hand made. Maybe
a child's wheel. It has a very small orifice and a small bobbin.  
Everything appears to work. Very cute addition to your wheel

Shipping on this wheel is $25

Small Old Saxony Style
Spinning Wheel

Lovely small European parlor wheel. This is a gorgeous little wheel
with a very tall distaff. European wheels were very small so they
could be transported easily. There are some reproduction pieces,
but I am not sure which are, because the whole wheel looks
original.  An antique spinning wheel restorer in Hungary found the
wheel and restored it to its natural beauty!  This would be a
treasure to own and display in your home.

Shipping on this wheel is $25

European Parlor Wheel

Antique Wheel from the Netherlands
Near mint condition for this antique saxony wheel from the
Netherlands.  Everything works, no cracks, splits or visible
damage. I have not spun on it however.  I believe this has the
original leather drive band.  All pegged, no nails.  Leather
bearings have been replaced on treadle.  Has a very tall distaff.  
Excellent addition to any spinning wheel collection.

Hover over picture to the left to see the detail of the spinning
wheel's distaff.

Wheel is in excellent condition

Shipping on this wheel is $35

Netherlander Saxony Wheel
with tall Distaff

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